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“I just wanted to send a short note to say thanks, on behalf of myself and my father, for your work in selling his house.

At our initial meeting, even before we had chosen someone with whom to work, you had a well-defined plan that showed us what needed to be done and exactly when it needed to be done. Once we had signed on with ‘London Living’, you executed on the plan and kept us informed as to the progress. And throughout the time that the house was listed, you were always prepared, with a professional attitude and appearance. I believe that all of theses things worked to our advantage in selling the house quickly, for a good price.

We also appreciated the extra effort that you put in to close the sale quickly when a buyer was found.”

– Tim & John Mason

“I feel compelled to write this note.

I spent hours upon hours searching for the right real estate agent. And honestly, I ignored all testimonials (including your own). I instead looked for the best agent based on experience, current listings, location, fortitude and most importantly – overall community standing. Some may appreciate my words, or some consumers (like me) will never read – yet I chose you for the right reasons above.

I need to celebrate your success. Thank-you. Your experience resonate with me and it paid off. You listed our property for a price 10% higher than we expected – And not only that, you sold it for a price 7% higher than we expected. This was all done within DAYS of being listed on Realtor.ca/MLS. Some may say that taking an offer for less than listed is not successful, but I’m first in line to disagree. A whopping 7% higher than expectations that included independent research (+ an estate home appraisal) suggested!!
Throughout the process, the communication was open and honest, no fluff or BS. We followed your recommendations and as far as I’m concerned, your recommendations brought the results. I’m your new walking and talking best referral one can get.

Truth be told, we though about going down the path of no commission “do-it-yourself” real estate but am I ever glad we didn’t. I think it is fitting that within minutes of selling our property my sister hired you to sell her home.

Job well done and commission well deserved.”

– D. Schering

“I, as a new real estate agent, would like to tell you that you were amazing and wonderful to learn from. I would like to thank you for all of your help and advice during this trying time!”
– R. Wakeling

“Thank you! We both love our new home. Come and visit if you can find the time!”

“Diane…Once again, thank you very much for your hard work and dedication. We are very pleased with this experience and would be glad to work with you again would we ever return to this region. ”
– Amelie

“Wow! Lightning strikes again! You obviously are pricing accordingly and have excellent marketing skills of a seasoned professional. Congrats and best always.”
– G. Webster

“Dear Diane,…Thank you so very much for representing our home so well. We are thrilled with your professionalism and the attention to detail that you exhibited. We will greatly miss our old home but your caring and kind attitude helped us wish farewell to our first home. All the best to you and yours in the future!”
– K. & J. Smith

“Diane…We just wanted to thank you for selling our home for us. You were efficient, professional, kind and true to your word. I never thought we would sell so quickly. Only two days of showing and we had a bidding war! It was a dream! We are loving our new home in Byron but will always miss the Old South charm. Thank you again for all of your hard work.”
– The McAllisters

“Diane…Congratulations to a job well done! It is your kind of work ethic and professionalism that sells in today’s highly competitive marketplace. Frist, you set a goal that was realistic, then you put in a great deal of energy and continuous effort until the deal was reached. Furthermore, representing the selling and buying party of the transaction mentioned above, your highly developed sense of diplomacy created a win-win situation for everyone involved. It was a pleasure to do business with you. Thank you very much.”
– P. Daetwyler

“Diane… I want to congratulate you on the fine job you have done in selling my home. From our very first meeting, you have made the process painless and always progressive. Your professionalism is impressive. The evidence of how you researched and used marketing strategy helped me know I’d made the right decision to list with you and your company.”
– P. Turner

“Diane…Thank you so much for your humour, your knowledge and your professionalism in finding our new home! Without you we’d still be searching – likely for a tent!”
– Dawn, Dan, Noah and Jude

“I looked long and hard, online, for a real-estate agent. No word of mouth referrals received, but an honest internet search looking for a company with down-to-earth values and a track record I could see on-line without a lot of “flash and dazzle”. I saw that in London Living – A company with a great track record of how you presented yourself individually to the London market and each property individually. The “flash and dazzle” came in each property and how it was market and not in any before hand gimmicks or general promises.

Above all, you personally came through. Please take this in only the right ways. I looked for a real estate agent with the right personality, experience and tenacity to sell my Estate home. IN the end, you sold our estate home in less than a week – and for above more than we expected.

As a result, I’m glad my sale resulted in the two referral (sold) listings to your brokerage.

Now several months later, I went searching for my own next home. More than 150+ km away, I really wanted to ask you to represent me as a buyer, but knew it was not feasible being the distance and my pickiness). Instead, I look at 35+ homes – And not sure I made the right agent choice. I I found a “Diane Gordon” locally,I would be more than certain to buy with you. Wish me luck in getting this property, still not 100% certain it will go though since I don’t have you by my side.”

– D. Schering

“Diane…You’ve made buying our first house a lot less intimidating and a lot more exciting. We’ll be sure to mention your name often when we’re talking about our house!”
– S. Meharey

“Diane, Thanks for selling our house so fast! Toast!”
– Kirsten & Scott

“It is with great pleasure that I provide this letter of recommendation for London Living Realty. My family has used their services on three occasions and find them to be honest and professional business brokers for their clients. Diane and Ainsley offer what many of the larger real estate firms cannot – individual service with a focus on your interests and needs.”
– D. McDonald

“Diane…I am very pleased and can’t thank you enough for all your kindness and understanding throughout this process and I appreciate your compassion after my accident made both of our jobs more challenging; however, we overcame!”
– J. Harkness

“Diane…It was great working with you. You are one of the best negotiators I have ever worked with and your client is a lucky guy to have an agent like you!”
– Real Estate Agent

“Diane…You did some excellent work on this transaction. You clearly demonstrated your talents and years of experience. Congratulations on a job well done!”
– Solutions Realty Corporation

“Diane…Thank you for your superhuman efforts. You are fantastic!”
– Larry

“Diane…Thanks so much for your help with the deal. It was a pleasure working with you. Your professionalism was much appreciated and I look forward to working on more deals with you in the future.”
– Broker

“Diane…I want to thank you for your professionalism, your patience and kindness over these past difficult months. It is much appreciated.”
– D. Haysmans